Best Adventure Activities in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

12 Things to Do in Andaman

Game Fishing

Fishing is one of the sports that combines an element of surprise and adventure, and what better location exists for fishing and angling than the Andaman Islands' deep and alluring seas. The islands' virgin sea biodiversity is home to fish of various species that can weigh more than 50 kgs and reach lengths of up to 3.1 meters, which fishing enthusiasts already know is difficult to find elsewhere. The waters are so brimming with sea creatures that you'll never have to stop for a breather, thanks to the Andaman Administration's catch-and-release policy to keep the population thriving.

Types of fish commonly found near Andaman and Nicobar:

Blue Marlin
Black Marlin
Dogtooth Tuna
Yellow Fin Tuna
Various other Fish species.

You may easily reserve entire fishing vacation from 4 locations, where you can spend a lot of time fishing and unwinding:

Havelock Island
Port Blair
Cinque Island
Rutland Island.

Banana Ride

A Banana Boat is an engineless, inflatable recreational boat that is tied to the back of a speed boat to provide a rush. The boat typically seats six riders, who sit on the larger main tube and rest their feet on two laterally flanking tubes that stabilize the boat. The main tube is usually yellow and shaped like a banana.
Banana Boat Rides are the most exciting and fun adventure activities in the Andamans. Banana Boat Ride is suitable for people of all ages and is an ideal sport for the whole family to enjoy. It is completely safe because you are given life jackets and an instructor is always present on the trips.

Banana Rides are available in the Andaman Islands at the following locations:

Port Blair
At Rs.600/- per person.
Havelock Island
At Elephant Beach @ Rs.600/- per person.

Speed Boat Ride

Speed Boat Ride is one of the most exciting activities available in the Andamans. In other words, if you want to be in the water but don't want to get in and want to feel the thrills while staying safe, then Speed Boat Ride is the perfect sport for you. Being in the security of a speed boat allows you to enjoy the thrill of the boat's fast splashing through the water.

Following locations in the Andamans offer speed boat rides:

Port Blair
At Rs.350/- (2 rounds) / Rs.550/- (5 rounds) per person.
Neil Island
At Bharatpur Beach @ Rs.500/- per person.


Trekking is a journey or trip undertaken on foot for the purpose of exploring and experiencing the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in relatively untouched wilderness areas. The Andaman Islands have dense forest cover and are home to a wide range of exotic species of plants and animals.
Andaman Islands is graced with the presence of many magnificent hills and mounts that are ideal for trekking. In the Andaman Islands, trekking is one of the most well-liked adventure activities.

The following locations in the Andaman offer opportunities for nature trail trekking:

Chidiya Tapu – Munda Pahad
Mount Harriet – Madhuban
Diglipur – Saddle Peak

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a type of underwater swimming where the user breathes underwater using a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA), which is entirely independent of surface supply. They also wear a dive mask to improve their underwater vision, a diving suit for protection, buoyancy control equipment, and typically swimfins.
One of the best water sports is scuba diving, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the colorful and magical underwater world. Being one of the uninhabited islands, the Andaman Islands are abundant in colorful corals and fascinating marine life, making them a haven for scuba divers.
Scuba diving in the Andamans refers to diving into the deep sea and exploring the stunning untouched natural colorful corals & rich diverse marine life. Before you can experience the thrill of Scuba Diving, you will be educated on basic breathing techniques in shallow water as well as some theory.

The following places in the Andamans offer scuba diving:

Port Blair
At North Bay @ Rs.3500/- per person.
At Chidiya Tapu @ Rs.4500/- per person.
Havelock Island
At Nimu Beach @ Rs.3500/- per person.
Neil Island
At Bharatpur Beach @ Rs.3500/- per person.

Under Water Sea Walk

Sea Walking is one of the safest and simplest ways to experience the underwater world, and it requires no prior swimming or diving experience. Walking on the sea bed beneath the waves is something that everyone wishes to do. You are taken inside the water via a small rope staircase while wearing your helmet, and a constant supply of fresh air is pumped into your helmet to keep your head dry. You are not even required to take off your glasses because there is no restricting regulator or snorkel in your mouth to cause any discomfort or anxiety.
Underwater Sea Walk is suitable for children aged 7 to 10, and it is the safest underwater activity for the entire family. Enjoy a safe and visually stunning Underwater Sea Walk on the ocean floor (at a depth of about 10-12 feet), where you can see the magnificent Andamans marine life, the lovely flora, corals, and a variety of fish in their natural environment. A sea walk in the Andaman Islands is comparable to having an underwater tour inside the reef, passing by corals, viewing various fish, and learning about the abundant marine life beneath the clear water.

Underwater Sea Walk is provided at the following areas in Andamans:

Port Blair
At North Bay @ Rs.3500/- per person.
Havelock Island
At Elephant Beach @ Rs.3200/- per person. (underwater photography: Rs.500/- extra for single & Rs.700/- for couple).


Seakart is an adrenaline-filled water sport available for the first time in India and launched in the world's third destination after Mauritius and Dubai in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 2020. The Seakart is a unique watercraft designed in the style of a go-kart, hence the name, that combines the best of everything into a single adventure. The activity entails a long route along Port Blair's coast; the visitor self-drives the Seakart while being supervised by a certified instructor.
The Seakart is designed to accommodate 3 people, but unlike jet skis and speed boats, which are only permitted near the shoreline, the Seakart allows you to view the wavy deep seas far from the shoreline, driving all by themself, making it one of the most amazing experiences in Port Blair.
The ride begins at Corbyn's Cove Beach, where you are followed by a trained instructor, with seats reserved for two guests who can enjoy it together. Six Seakarts drive in a V formation, with "Starfish" - the rescue boat - keeping everything in check. Each Seakart has its own steering wheel, which allows you to steer the boat in any direction you want to an extent. A Seakart can be driven by anyone with no prior swimming or driving experience.
You are met with choppy beach tides as soon as you leave the shoreline, which splash across the Seakart and sprinkle on your face, giving you a feeling of refreshment. As you enter the deeper seas, you can feel the difference in the waves and the calmness of the sea, with a stunning view of the open horizon linked with a wonderful view of the roads and shoreline dotting the entire journey from Corbyns Beach to Marina Park and finally Ross Island. The ride begins at Corbyn's Cove Beach and continues to Flag Point near Ross Island, where it returns, covering approximately 5-6 kilometers in total. One of the longer sea adventures available in the Andaman Islands, the ride lasts for up to 20 minutes.

General Information:
Seakart is only available at Port Blair.
The activity is suitable for people of all ages above 6.
The minimum age for self-driving the Seakart is 18 and max age is 60.
Children between ages 6-17 are allowed to sit on the Seakart.
Make sure to keep appropriate swimsuits along with you.
It is advised to pre-book this activity due to limited seats.


One of the most anticipated activities in the Andaman Islands, parasailing, has only recently begun. Parasailing is now available at Carbyns Cove beach in Port Blair. The breathtaking views and open space at Carbyns Cove will undoubtedly make it one of the best places in the islands for water activities in 2018.
Scuba diving, jet ski rides, and parasailing are now available at Carbyns Cove Beach.This journey begins when you arrive at Carbyns Cove beach. With the exception of days, the trip runs every day.

Note :
This trip is subject to availability and can change based upon weather conditions.
This activity is currently operational in Port Blair and is not operational in Havelock Island.

Coral Safari

Coral Safari is a semi-submarine that takes passengers on an underwater safari. The 100-seater fully air-conditioned cabin enhances the experience for the entire family, with wide glass windows inclined at a suitable 45° providing the best viewing experience for everlasting memories of watching the rarest species of fishes and bright corals up close.
Coral Safari will mesmerize you with an unforgettable experience and once-in-a-lifetime trip, allowing you to appreciate the exciting, magnificent deep sea world that is so amazing and a heaven-on-Earth experience.

Coral Safari is only available in Port Blair, and the price is as follows:

Adult @ Rs.1850/-
Child (3-12 yrs.) @ Rs.1350/-
Islander / Defence Personnel @ Rs.1000/-

Andaman Dolphin

The Andaman Dolphin is a speedboat with a glass bottom that exhilarates you with the experience of riding in a speedboat and viewing the underwater world. Andaman Dolphin offers a luxurious window into the thrilling world of corals and marine life in the Andamans, from the security and comfort of an international quality speed boat. You can explore the underwater kingdom from underneath the Andaman Sea without getting wet by riding alongside Dolphins and watching their playful games.
Andaman Dolphin is outfitted with restrooms and showers, comfortable seating for 25-30 guests, safety equipment such as GPS, fish finders, and so on for a memorable experience, underwater lights for night safaris and clear viewing on cloudy days, and a swimming ladder.
The Andaman Islands have some of the world's best underwater flora and fauna. Thousands of species of fish and corals thrive in these unpolluted, crystal clear warm waters. Within the time constraints of the trip, Andaman Dolphin proves you the best marine life and coral patches. The boat gliding on the sea adds to your comfort.

Andaman Dolphin operates only in Port Blair, and the price is as follows:

Adult (10 yrs. & above) @ Rs.2000/-
Child (3-9 yrs.) @ Rs.1000/-


Snorkeling is a water sport that doesn't require specialized gear or special training and lets you see marine life in its natural habitat. It is done while wearing a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube known as a snorkel, and typically swimfins. Because snorkeling requires so little effort, it is appealing to people of all ages. These tools enable the snorkeler to observe underwater attractions for prolonged periods of time with little effort and to breathe while lying face down at the surface. Snorkeling is one of the best Water Sports Activities available in Andamans, allowing you to see and enjoy the rich underwater world in Andamans by diving into shallow reef areas. Rarest coral varieties and an abundance of marine life can be found in the Andaman Islands. Snorkeling in the Andaman Islands is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Snorkeling is offered at the following places in Andamans :

Port Blair
At North Bay @ Rs.500/- per person.
At Chidiya Tapu @ Rs.500/- per person.
Havelock Island
At Elephant Beach @ Rs.750/- on Sharing Basis. (underwater photography: Rs.500 extra per person)
At Elephant Beach @ Rs.3000/- on Chartered Basis. (underwater photography: Rs.500 extra per person)
Neil Island
At Bharatpur Beach @ Rs.500/- per person.

Jet Ski Ride

A jet ski is a small watercraft or water vehicle that can carry 1-2 people seated in a configuration similar to that of a bike or motorcycle. In the lagoons of the Andaman Islands, jet skiing is one of most exciting adventure water sports. It doesn't require any special training.
The best part is that the Jet Ski drivers are extremely skilled, good - natured, and helpful, and the tourists' safety is given the utmost consideration. Enjoy the thrill of speeding along the coast as the Jet Ski flutters through the waves.

Jet Ski Ride is offered at the following places in Andamans :

Port Blair
At Corbyn's Cove Beach Rs.600/- per person.
Havelock Island
At Elephant Beach @ Rs.600/- per person.
Neil Island
At Bharatpur Beach @ Rs.450/- per person.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

A glass bottom boat is a vessel with glass or another transparent material below the waterline, allowing travelers to see the underwater environment from inside the boat. A Glass Bottom Boat provides a view similar to that of a diving mask, while passengers stay dry and out of the water. Glass Bottom Boat Ride is one of the best activities in the Andamans.
Tiny boats with glass bottoms enable you to see underwater life as they sail through the sea, allowing you to experience several fascinating elements of marine life and get a bird's eye view of the diverse and rich aquatic flora and fauna found on the Andamans' ocean floor.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride is offered at the following places in Andamans :

Port Blair
At North Bay @ Rs.1500/- per person.
Neil Island
At Bharatpur Beach @ Rs.600/- per person.

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